論文代寫-美國退出巴黎氣候協議的影響。美國本土農民將在這一過程中受到深刻的影響。美國農民不需要遵守氣候變化政策。農民被認為是減少和消除溫室氣體排放的重要制度工具。聯合國的科學報告稱,美國農民將是受影響最大的人群。他們很難在惡劣的天氣條件下種植農產品。這會影響邊際消費。由於國內需求的增長,這個國家的出口將受到限制。需要更多的進口來滿足人口的需求。在這個過程中,原料的生產會受到很大的影響(Betsill, 2017)。這個國家不遵守的政策會影響世界。放棄一項協議和其他各方對協議的理性思考,會使公司受到深刻的影響。預計這些問題將嚴重影響生產。這一事件預計將影響到加入該條約的新興國家和較貧窮國家。它將影響當地人民的生產和生活。接下來論文范文論文代寫-美國退出巴黎氣候協議的影響分享給留學生閱讀。

In this schema, the local American farmers are expected to be deeply impacted in the process. US farmers need not adhere to the climate change policies. The farmers of the nation are considered to be important instruments of developing system that would reduce and remove the greenhouse gas emissions. The scientific reports of the UN state that the US farmers would be the most impacted people. It would be difficult for them to grow produce in hostile weather conditions. This would impact the marginal consumption. The export of the nation would be limited owing to the growing domestic demand. More imports are required to meet the requirements of the population. The production of the raw materials would be deeply impacted in this process (Betsill, 2017). The policies that the nation does not adhere to would impact the world. Abandoning of an agreement and rational deliberation of other parties to the agreement would cause the companies to be deeply impacted. The problems are expected to become grave for the production. This event is expected to impact the emerging nations and poorer nations who had entered the treaty. It is expected to impact the local production and life of the people.

To address this event, the other nations must take considerable impacts to reduce the emissions by US. CO2 emissions are considered to be an important role in the sustainable development. There is an intricate relationship that exists between CO2 emissions and economic growth. The high-income countries would play a more important role in the CO2 emissions. America is a high-income nation and the impacts would be higher. The event of not adhering to the climate energy protocols would cause detrimental damage. The δ value would have increased and caused large scale damages. This action of US impacted the morale of the nations who were a part of the Paris Climate Accord Treaty. The US is considered to be a large economy that can impact the performance of the world markets. The volume of trade in the nation is high. It is expected that the other nations would need to compensate for the act of US leaving the treaty (Mann, and Hassol, 2017). The coal production has been considered to be renewed in the US. This would impact the greenhouse gasses emission and cause more damage to the environment. The increase in coal production would be impacted in this process. These factors state that the nation is expected to pollute at high levels in the nation (Mann, and Hassol, 2017). To summarize, the act of US leaving the Climate Accord is not considered as a positive future event. There will be increase in green house emission and the world nations would have to pay considerable damage in maintaining the current ramifications that would be caused by damage.

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