在多伦多大学论文代写-私有化与城市旅游的研究中发现,在旅游兴起的同时,也出现了一个相关的现象,称为城市公共空间的私有化。公共空间的民营化之所以发生,是因为旅游业及其固有的竞争力使旅游业成为了一种私有化的产品。这就结束了现有城市的公共空间(Gilbert, & Hancock, 2006)。公共空间或居住空间随着竞争性旅游的兴起而发生变化,这是城市旅游环境中尚未深入研究的一个关键方面。在这种私有化的空间中,公共空间的再开发导致了私营部门的产生。该部门将城市作为转型地点主要是为了旅游。接下来有关多伦多大学论文代写-私有化与城市旅游分享给大家阅读。

Researchers also observe that in the rise of tourism, there is also an associated phenomenon called the privatization of the public space in the city. The privatization of the public space occurs because tourism industry and its inherent competitiveness make tourism as a privatized product as such. This ends the public space existing cities (Gilbert, & Hancock, 2006). The Public space or residential space gets changes with the rise of competitive tourism. This is one key aspect in the context of urban tourism that has not been researched into much. Researchers such as Hall & Page (2006) state that in such privatized spaces, it so happens that the redevelopment of the public space results in the creation of a private sector. The sector treats the cities as sites of transformation mainly for the purpose of tourism. These forms of cities are not created with any other intention other than that of being places of entertainment. There is a confluence of media opportunities and different forms of employment as connected with the leisure and the tourism industry only (Leiper, 2008). A globalization effect is hence created, but one that is seen to be uneven (Bailey, 2008). The tourism benefits can be contested in many point based on the local context (Garreau, 1991). The perceived benefits might vary between locals and the tourists frequenting the place. This current research considers Macau, and Macau is one such transformed place as well that is focused on some aspects of tourism as the core elements to the point which is called the Las Vegas of Asia.

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