Rio Cocktail的顾问和制作宣传材料的承包商最早要与时间表联系。这是通过提供他们需要的信息并确保他们能够按照时间表完成项目而进行的活动的解释。承包商一般会同时在不同的项目中工作(Yin&Jin-Song 2014)。所以,他们不太可能放弃一切,跳入Rio Cocktail项目。无论资源来源如何,为了获得理想的结果,必须尽早安排它们。

团队结构(Yin&Jin-Song 2014)。


2. Coordinate promotional activities
2.1. Identify and prepare personnel and resources to support promotional activities, both in international and domestic settings, to facilitate the achievement of promotional goals
The Rio Cocktail’s consultants and the contractors who create the promotional materials are contacted at the earliest in the schedule. This is the explanation of the activities pursued by providing the information as needed by them and ensuring that they can complete the project as per the schedule. The contractors in general would be working in various projects at the same time (Yin & Jin-Song 2014). So, it is unlikely that they would be dropping everything and jump in to the Rio Cocktail project. Irrespective of the sources of resources, it is essential of scheduling them at the earliest, to obtain the desired result.
2.2. Identify, agree upon and allocate roles and responsibilities of overseas and domestic personnel for delivery of promotional activities
The delegation should be provided to someone, making that person aware that he has to do everything that is needed to be done. The delegator holds the responsibility, but it is ensured that someone has the responsibility to the delegator. The delegation of the responsibility should be complemented with the delegation of authority. The tracking of the status should be maintained on the items.

The delegation of responsibilities should be coupled with other factors, including:
Code of conduct
Description of the job and agreements of employment
Work role policy
Organizational policy
Individual’s competencies, training and skills
Requirements of accountability supervised
Structure of the team (Yin & Jin-Song 2014).