Labor can be defined as the process where there is considering of the efforts that man puts with nature to develop sustenance. In this, man stares to control the tangible materials of nature and adjust according to the reactions of nature. It has been found that man in general tries to oppose the notions of labor by setting into a stream of activities. He reacts with the external world and changes it according to his discretion (Marx, Bonner,and Burns, 1954). It has been found that Labor in general tries to utilize the material factors and creates a system of consumption to develop materials for sustenance. This consumption for the production is different from individual consumption and the utilization of the products by using labor, labor power to act. It can be thus defined that labor is more than the utilization of the product for individual use. It is the result of productive consumption where the product is different form the consumer. Hence in the ideology of labor, man consumes products to create more products (Rubin, 1973). This is a cyclic process where there is utilization of the products to create more products by a process of production methodology that has been amalgamated into the processes. This is defined as the labor-process.
In the capitalistic system, the labor exhibits two characteristic phenomena. In this, the laborer works under the control of the capitalistic owner. It is assumed that the worker belongs to the employers. The owners or the capitalists take control over the production of the labor. The capitalist in the system ensures that the work is done according to the prescribed hierarchy and ensures that the production takes place in accordance with the intelligence and knowledge garnered by man. They continually check if there is no unwanted wastage of the raw materials that are required for the consumption of the products.

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