加拿大论文代写 家庭经济收入


许多问题阻碍了系统和严格的调查长期饥荒的影响。本文主要侧重于确定的长期影响1959 – 1961年的饥荒幸存者的经济和健康后果。特别是,本研究试图猜测准确程度达到高度的农村老年年龄段使用横截面样品在1954年和1967年之间出生的中国农村居民(哈特,1993)。这是减少易受饥荒时的幼稚和由此产生的不利的健康影响的后果影响了家庭收入和供应的行为。这项研究是第一个猜测的长期影响的饥荒。

A number of problems hindered a systematic and rigorous investigation of the long run effects of the famine. This paper basically focuses on identifying the long run impacts of the famine of 1959-1961 on the economic and health consequences of the survivors. Especially, this study tries to guess accurately the degree the achieved heights of rural age group in old age by using the cross section sample of Chinese rural natives born between 1954 and 1967 (Hart, 1993). It was reduced with the vulnerability to famine at the time of babyhood and how the consequences of the resultant unfavourable health impacts impacted the family income and supply behaviour. This study is the first one to measure the guesses of the long run impacts of the famine.