The relationship that McDonald has with the franchise has become weak rather it has become worse. It is a fact that has been proven with the help of numerous surveys that have been carried out by various different organizations, and these surveys state that on a scale of around 1-5 the average rating that has been received by the organization is around 2.1. Many critics consider that this is an historical average and even the franchises claim that this is something that has happened quite recently (Yunus et al., 2013). Hence, they blame this particular issue as well, as an important reason behind the failure that is faced by the organization (Raju, Singh and Tariyal, 2015).
The Consumer Grievance is there
The company in this particular case is the largest fast food restaurant chain in the whole world. It can be said that they are such an organization that has successfully carried out their operations. They have used different technologies as well in order to maintain service quality. American Consumer Satisfaction Index or the ACSI however had indicated that with respect to customer satisfaction the rank that is received by McDonalds is lowest (Raju, Singh and Tariyal, 2015). The particular fact although, has been negated by various research, which claimed that only 1% of the customers have a bad experience in McDonalds fast food chain and around 95% of the customers did not have any kind of bad experience in the McDonald’s outlets, located around the world (Lim and Loh, 2014).
Thus, it can be concluded that the SERVQUAL model had helped in the “gap analysis” of the McDonalds stores that are there. The above analysis and the recommendations would help the organization to improve their service quality. It is important in the present scenario because there are numerous fast food restaurants in the market. Moreover, the customers are moving towards healthier food options, along with it, the number of cases that are there is increasing and making it difficult for firms such as McDonalds to survive. Therefore, this particular analysis is important for the growth and the development of the organization.

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