加拿大论文代写 网络推广


营销是关于聚会的注意。我们需要做一个大水花让世界刮目相看。我们需要一些壮观的真正感兴趣的人我们的演出。网络一直促进了节目,通常不惜代价推广。在过去,在促进第二季网络进行了有史以来最大的一次营销活动,打算展示类的“电影质量”系列。整个中央车站车站装饰着全面的海报。哈姆是‘Don Draper’,也postersof的报价1 stseasondecorated墙壁。在中央车站,一群人穿着60的衣服分发名片,促进“英镑库珀季”首映。这样作秀改进评级,飞溅的需要是推动《广告狂人》了

Marketing is all about gathering attention. We need to make a grand splash to make the world sit up and take notice. We need something spectacular to truly get the people interested in our show. The network has always promoted the show and generally spared no expense in its promotion. In the past, during the promotion of the 2nd season the network undertook its largest marketing campaign ever, intending to showcase the class and the “cinematic quality” of the series. The entire Grand Central Terminal station was decorated with full-scale posters of Jon Hamm as ‘Don Draper’, and also postersof the quotes from the 1stseasondecorated the walls. Inside the Grand Central station, groups of people dressed in 60’s clothing handed out “Sterling Cooper” business cards to promote the season premiere. Such publicity stunts improved the ratings and made a ‘splash’ it was the push that was needed to make “Mad Men” a hit