The qualitative research methodology is used here. There are many methods of qualitative measurement. It is not limited to the imagination of the researcher. It helps the people in developing important variables for the research. For a given phenomenon it would be possible to answer such questions as why the phenomenon occurs, when it occurs, and how it can be handled. Qualitative research method helps in collecting data on a phenomenon in a way that answers questions as to ‘why the phenomenon occurred’, ‘when it occurred’, ‘how it occurred?’ etc. The qualitative methodology is also much more useful than the quantitative methodology when it comes to collecting attitudinal information on things, such as the opinions, attitude and more of the interview participants. Current research would be helped by collecting such form of attitudinal information as well.
Intensive interviewing and freestyle interviews are usually conducted as part of qualitative interviews and in current research, the interviewer will be adopting a more freestyle interview. Researchers differentiate interview styles as structured and unstructured interview and the interview style adopted here is therefore unstructured. Both open ended and closed ended questions will be asked to the participants, thus not restricting the amount of information they can bring to understanding the language learning concernsOf the different research methods available, this research relies on primary interview method where interviews are conducted in order to collect data directly from the participants. The sampling would be convenience sampling. Convenience sampling is a technique where participants are selected based on convenience and purpose for research. Only seven participants would be included as the objective of the interview method is to collect more qualitative data on the issue of investigation rather than quantity. The questionnaire to be used in the interview is presented in Appendix A.
Although there are many pros to using the qualitative research methodology process, there are also limitation here. This approach is costly and a long drawn out process. There should be a lot of resources for the activities and hence it has been generally started only when the researcher has adequate resources for conducting the study. The researcher needs to avoid personal bias and ensure that there is critical analysis of both sides of the issue and develop ways to find solutions. The researcher is given a lot of autonomy. It is possible for the researcher to be swayed in any one direction without considering all the important variable. The limitations have been kept in check by the researcher in collecting data.

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