On the professional front, I have a small experience in working with the Volvo Equipment company in Pennsylvania. I carried out responsibilities, such as making financial reports, consolidation of financial data of the company, and some other financial work. I came to know that my knowledge base is not that strong enough to carry on my work with accuracy and perfection. I need to develop analytical skills for understanding and developing investment strategies. MS in finance through Whitman graduation program will help me gaining significant insights on complex working of broad principles of finance and how to apply the quantitative methods.

I need to be upgraded about current market fluctuations, statistics and risk management. With the help of MSF’s state-of-the-art trading room, I will be able to meet my professional development goal of becoming used to and proficient in using technological tools for financial data analysis and other related works. With today’s fast-paced technological world, keeping pace with important software updates and an understanding of how to use them is essential. With the help of the prescribed course, I will be able to use software for financial analysis, and could also get access to resources that are used by financial professionals in the field, for instance Bloomberg’s certification terminals.

With the help of MSF, I would expand my expertise and thus build on my undergraduate degree. I will not only have technical abilities, but will also have the understanding of business at the strategic level, which in turn will allow me to make the best use of financial tools. It is a balanced approach as it enhances my knowledge base and at the same time prepares me well for my future endeavors as finance professional.