微博是一种免费的网络服务,可以通过电子邮件、微博、网络群组、即时消息、语音信息和多媒体(Wu and Wang,2014)进行交流。微博的基本原理类似于Twitter的用户可以发布基于文本的消息到140个字符,(图1.1)。




Is the micro blog service an effective way to target consumers and hold their attention and if so, how far do companies like DFS seem to be giving significance to the same is an important question in this context; the problem statement section introduces a description of the micro blog, the use of the micro blog in general and the micro blog as an online marketing tool.

Description of the micro blog

A micro Blog is a free web service that allows communication through email, micro blog, online group, instant message, voice message and multi-media (Wu and Wang, 2014). The basic principle of a micro Blog is similar to that of Twitter and the users are allowed to post text-based messages of up to 140 characters, (picture 1.1).

The major appeal of micro blog is that it has both immediacy and portability and messages can be received in all types of computing devices such as cell phones and ipad. Rouse (2009) finds that micro blog is a web service that allows the subscriber to broadcast short messages to other subscribers of the service.

Bitner (1992) discusses how the physical environment influences a person in making a consumer choice. In the current environment this form of influence s shifted from mere store presence to a multidimensional information space. The role of the micro blogging in this space is multi-perceptual (Fano and Gershman, 2002). Primarily the micro blog creates awareness, second the consumer would be able to know and appreciate the popularity of the product or website or brand through the conversations of the micro blog and thirdly, an existing consumer of the brand can actually give feedback for more improvement of the brand (Reibstein, 2002; Chen et al, 2011).