Reality and Virtuality

Such children often tend to distance themselves from their real situation and escape into a world totally different from the one in which they live. This escape route may be afforded by the following up of a hobby like singing, dancing or any form of creativity. These activities that take the mind off from the current miseries that surround the child as his or her immediate surroundings. The child becomes habituated to seeking succor in this occupation that distracts the mind from the violence and abuse of the mind, body and soul at the hands of the bullying relative usually the father.
The fertile imagination affords a pleasure garden that the individual can escape into whenever he or she is oppressed by the miserable existence that has become a part of everyday living.
Escape to Tranquility
It is natural for the mind to shut off unpleasant experiences. There have been several studies and observations on the fact that the mind tends to spare the individual from unpleasant experiences, There are several examples where people have gone into a coma or suffered acute memory loss or amnesia when the body has been subjected to some form of shock. There are many individuals who have blocked off unpleasant experiences from their memories totally. These experiences could be related to their interactions with someone, their ill-treatment at the hands of their parents, siblings or relatives or even some major accident or injury. Many times, there have been cases where the loss of some dear one has had a tremendous impact upon how they see the world afterwards.