渥太华论文代写-自由市场资本主义原则。从20世纪70年代末到现在,宏观经济政策的霸权地位经历了一个巨大的转变。这一思想经历了向自由市场经济政策的转变,摆脱了凯恩斯式的政策。在政策的采纳上的意识形态转变,从根本上与国家对法规的争论观点和国家的角色有关。20世纪70年代末发生全球化的主要原因是自由市场资本主义原则。上世纪30年代大萧条(Great Depression)之后,凯恩斯(Keynes)提出,西方国家没有从开放经济中受益,反而导致了国民经济的崩溃。根据凯恩斯的思想,经济管理是政府(Barr, 2004)的任务。政府的责任是对抗经济的不稳定,并保持充分就业的水平。他还认为,如果各国资本自由流动,国家经济的稳定可能会产生破坏性影响。它不是追求国家间的开放贸易,而是由其他经济学家和凯恩斯提出的,以鼓励资本安排和经济体之间的双边贸易。

After 1930s, the period of Great Depression, it was argued by Keynes that countries in the West did not benefit from opening the economy but instead led to the disruption of the national economies. According to the ideology of Keynes, the management of economy was the task of the government (Barr, 2004). It was the responsibility of the government to counter the instability in the economy and to maintain the level of full employment. He also believed that if there is free capital mobility across countries, the stability of national economies might become disruptive. Rather than pursuing open trade between countries, it was proposed by other economists and Keynes to encourage the capital arrangement and bilateral trade between economies.
An intensive union militancy prevailed during the same period. The unionization resulted in a series of successful and relatively bitter strikes. It has been noted by Swartz that in the late 1960s, the Canadian economy experienced conditions of full employment level. Under such conditions, the bargaining power of unions sustained. This resulted in wide gains for the workers, thus, benefitting the organised labour and the unions. Donald Swartz remarks that the capital in Canada was caught up between the pressures of intense international competition and the resistance from the working class. This period was marked with stagnation in markets. Under these conditions, the militancy of workers was exacerbated and the labour discipline was reduced by the provision of a social safety net. The capital investment suffered a fall in the level of profit as it could not pass on the increasing cost of labour without undermining the consumer competitiveness. This also resulted in decline of job creation and level of investments. Moreover, it can be said that, the investment of capital in Canada was constrained by the power imposed by the trade unions and the policies undertaken by the interventionist government. This affected the profit earning ability of the business enterprises.
If neoliberalism continues to govern as the dominant policy, it can be argued that the world capital would continue to experience social instability, stagnation in the economy and an eventual breakdown of the institutional structure. However, it can be said that there is possibility of moving back to the state regulated capitalism. The world is a huge place with varied law structure, differing cultures and multi-faceted business practices being followed in different countries.
For Canada, the scope of government began to shrink due to the political attacks faced by the country during the era of free trade. The activity of government was reduced by almost 10 percent points within a decade. This instability caused by neoliberal global capitalism might create a situation of economic crisis for the country which would be difficult to control even by the regulatory authority. In addition to this, the increasing social problems and other exploitation resulting from the neoliberal capitalism might push the social movement back to force. Such a shift in the course of development would renew the possibility of creating a system based on the need and will of human instead of profit from private institutions.

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