Acquisition background and objectives have to be submitted to the customer. This section is important to understand why the sales acquisition proposal is submitted in the first place. In the case of the ICT implementation the current state of the business has to be stated and the improvement that ICT implementation will bring to the business also has to be given. Key points in this section will be:
Statement of Need
Here a brief statement of the proposal is given. This will summarize the technical points of the acquisition along with feasible alternatives that are specific to the business. Good ICT infrastructure and strategy implementation will be a continuous process, so when submitting a first time consultant service proposal it is necessary to point out what can be an optimum implementation and what can be a feasible implementation. The ICT infrastructure will add value to the business but where technology is just added for technology’s sake there will only be constraints introduced. Therefore the technological adaptations that the business will be able to withstand will alone be implemented (Colt Technology, 2014).
Applicable Conditions
The applicable conditions for the ICT services offered will be stated here. This part of the section is important to understand when and why the service offered should be used. The conditions of ICT implementation in a medical system for instance will implement some of the services offered and may leave the rest based on the hospital policy or budgetary constraints. These are the applicable conditions that have to be addressed in the consultant proposal.