論文代寫-手機遊戲H5的開發體驗。由於手機遊戲產業的快速增長,H5是制造獨特且吸引人的遊戲的領導者。H5的遊戲以其獨特的藝術風格和引人入勝的遊戲玩法而聞名。這些領先的性能和行業的知名度。著名的H5遊戲有《達芬奇鑽石》、《森林的秘密》、《黃金女神》等。H5 (HTML5)是手機遊戲開發平台的最佳選擇,因為遊戲必須在不同的手機平台上運行和執行。遊戲的開發使用H5來減少許多平台開發遊戲所花費的時間,並使遊戲體驗在不同的移動操作系統中保持一致(Williams, 2012)。H5被認為在開源遊戲引擎框架、遊戲資產和資源的上下文中有很多資源。論文范文論文代寫-手機遊戲H5的開發體驗分享給留學生閱讀。

Owning to the rapid of growth of mobile gaming industry, H5 is a leader in manufacturing unique and engaging games. The games of the H5 are known by their unique artistic style and engaging game play. These lead the performance and popularity of the industry. Some of the famous H5 games include Da Vinci Diamonds, Secrets of the Forest and Golden Goddess etc. The company has diverse groups of professionals which contain mathematicians, programmers and software engineers to develop engaging games for its target audience. As of 2015, the company had completed 20 successful years in development of exclusive mobile gaming (Mäyrä, 2015). H5 (HTML5) is known to be a great choice for the mobile game Development platform because the games have to run and perform across different mobile platforms. The development of games uses H5 to reduce the time taken to develop the game for many platforms and makes the experience of the gaming consistent in the different mobile operating systems (Williams, 2012). H5 is believed to have many resources in the context of the open source game engine frameworks, the game assets and resources. Intel XDK can be used in the H5 game development and is believed to be helpful in guiding the developer through the easy path of development as well as a faster path to the app stores. The development of the mobile games using the Intel XDK makes the use of the game engine framework simple to develop, easy to test and also develops games for different mobile platforms. Some of the H5 game engines are equipped with game creation tools and offer alternatives to exporting the game to the HTML5 code. Some of the game engines are only available in the form of open source framework. Examples of the H5 games includes Construct 2* and PlayCaravas*. These two have game editor techniques that allow the creation of games without any programming techniques. Other popular H5 game engines are also available as open source frameworks. H5 games can be used on both the iOS and Android applications for a better gaming experience through various web views than one available as a default. The ios8 Web Gl is known to have a significant improvement on the performance of the games. The latter ensures that the H5 games perform the best on the IOS. In the context of the Android version, 5 Web View is known to support the Web GL and also improves the performance of the H5 mobile games.

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