平衡是重要的,尤其是健康的几个原因,因为当一个人的工作和家庭生活不平衡的时候,可能会出现一些困难的情况,可能会导致无法解决而只能从一个工作中解脱出来。因此,如果一个工人在工作和家庭之间找不到平衡,他可能不得不从一个工人和一个工人之间找到一个平衡,以便对其中的一个做出正义。选择真的很难做,因为选择不是在这个选项,因为它可能会恶化和个人的生活。 Kirby和Krone(2002)给出了一些公司可能有工作生活平衡计划的启示,但由于直接的经理人压力,同行压力和组织的不稳定的工作文化,他们可能无法使用它们。


平衡工作和家庭生活对于过上优质的生活,保持最佳的健康状况,乐于接受和履行个人生活中不同阶段的责任至关重要。 在不同的文化中,工作和家庭生活的平衡可能会有所不同,但是避免未来生活中可能影响自己健康的动荡阶段已经成为一个必要的要求。 因此,个人工作和家庭生活失衡的原因有几个。 但是,考虑到所有的论点,选择的自由是最强的,它依赖于个人。 他们可以选择平衡的生活或不平衡的生活。



The balance is important for several reasons especially the health, because when there is not balance in one’s work and family life, there may be difficult situations that may arise having no solution but to break off from one of the engagements. Thus, if a working man is not able to find any balance between work and family, he may have to cut off from one of them completely to do justice to one of them. The choice is really hard to make because choosing is not an option in this as it may deteriorate and individual’s life. Kirby and Krone (2002) gives a revelation that some corporations may have work life balance initiatives but they may not be able to use them due to immediate manager pressure, peer pressure, and erratic working culture of an organisation.


Balance in work and family life is important to lead a good quality life, maintain optimum health, and willingly accept and fulfil ones responsibilities which comes at different stages of an individual’s life. The balance in working and family life may be different in different cultures, but it has become a necessary requirement to avoid the turbulent phases of future life that may impact one’s health the most. Thus, there are several indicators to the causes of the imbalance in an individual’s work and family life. However, considering all arguments, the liberty of choice is the strongest and it relies with the individual. They can choose to live a balanced life or an imbalanced one.