考虑到当代社会所处的城市化状态,绿色屋顶或生态屋顶是一个日益增长的趋势(Liu & Minor, 2005)。这是一种植被景观,通常由一系列层组成,或者松散地安装在屋顶表面,作为一种模块化的类型,或者安装在屋顶上的预包装托盘中(Carr, 1995)。人们建造绿色屋顶是为了增加房屋的价值,无论是在美观还是功能上。他们增加了雨水管理,帮助建筑自然降温,在某些情况下还为业主提供了菜地(Liu & Minor, 2005)。大面积和密集的绿色屋顶都是可以安装的可行系统。它们基于轻量级组件而彼此不同。密集屋顶是一种支持多种植物的屋顶,而广泛的绿色屋顶只有单一作物的特点,更不像广泛的屋顶。以下加拿大英语语文学论文代写-绿色屋顶的建造供留学生借鉴阅读。

An insulation layer is usually not an absolute necessity when creating the extensive roof garden, however it is generally recommended. The purpose of the insulation layer is to ensure that the water that retains on the green roof does not end up extracting the heat from the building in the winter or end up extracting cool air in the case of the summer (Bass et al, 2002). Insulation points are a primary concern for this building, as has been noted the cooling system within the building has already been raised up in concerns. In this context it is critical that the architect and the installers involved in the YMCA green roof construction must focus on the elements of heat or cold capacity for the building. Retrofitting might be expensive but given the longevity of the project it could be essential. Different insulation elements are available, there are Floratherm boards and there are foam glass style cellular glass boards (Bass et al, 2002). The board design will be chosen based on the cost and the overall design of the green roof. Robert McMarlin of Pittsburgh Corning states that “Combining an impermeable, closed-cell insulation material such as cellular glass with the roof membrane is ideal for the flat roof system…since no water can accumulate; the danger of root invasion is eliminated” (McMarlin, 1996). This is yet another advantage when using an insulating material. The insulation will ensure that the green roof system structure does not cause any unnecessary damage to the roots. The insulation structure manufactory also ensures that SiO2 is introduced in sufficient quantity. This makes the whole setup completely inorganic in nature. This supports the green roof philosophy of being environmentally safe.
The irrigation needs of the green roof will vary based on the form of succulents that would be grown. One advantage of having the succulent system of plants is that they are able to retain water for quite a long time. However, it is also necessary that the green roof installer should also ensure that some form of water retention system is present in the form of inorganic fibres or others in order for the roots to sustain with the water when it needs it. Having an automated continuous irrigation system might be expensive given the budget for this implementation.
The roofing membrane is usually organic in nature which means that they would be made of asphalt, bitumen etc. Extensive green roofs usually have very small roots, however, its still necessary that the roofing structure be protected. Root penetration needs to be stopped by means of using some elements such as polyethylene or a heavy-duty pond liner such as EPDM will also be useful here. However, the arguments made against these forms are that they are in fact presenting chemical elements that would harm the environment (Vanwoert et al, 2005). The very philosophy of use of the Green roofing is bypassed here. Most North American green roof structures are seen to use some form of a spray, which has a root repellent ingredient, and this ingredient stunts the root naturally. It would be a good idea to use this ingredient as it is both natural and will also ensure that no chemical debris remain in the filter. Furthermore, the use of root repellents has been noticed in research to effectively stop the penetration into the components of the roof.

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