5。Section 65用作它处理的力量部长批准签证批准的如果是低水平的评估




Throughout the case, there are several statutory provisions that were applied to give decisions and fix the law for the future applications.

  1. Section 29(1) grants permission to a non – citizen to enter and stay in Australia
  2. Section 31 was applied to choose the right class of visa for the appellant
  3. Section 36(2A) describes the significant harm that could probably be faced by the non citizen and this is a factor of consideration to approve protection visa to the appellant
  4. Section 48A gives a clear description on the appellant’s second application to the protection visa while he / she is already present in the migration zone
  5. Section 65 is used as it deals with the power of minister to approve a visa if it is approved by the lower levels of assessment
  6. The term “further” according to the statutory direction (s48A(2)) is explained as an application that depends on the same criterion as given in the earlier application

In addition to these, the relevant legislation and statutory history are also considered by the Full Federal Court. These have enabled the team to give proper decisions to the subject of this appellant as well as appellants in the near future. The choice of statutory provisions is indeed right as each of the statutory provision guides the decision in different ways.