The research strategy forms the third layer of the research onion. The research strategy consists of different types, such as, survey, archival, case study, action, etc. The attribute that is important with respect to the research strategy is helping the researchers to answer the research question. This means, the alternatives as to the multiple strategies related to the research is applicable to a single research study in meeting the research aim and answering the research question. Likewise, this method of the research requires the researcher in ensuring the research strategy that is applicable suiting the research aim. Otherwise the questions can be raised regarding the validity and reliability of the research.
This research study requires the researcher planning the conducting of the research with respect to the application of the survey and interviews. The reason that is primary is fact that the aims of the research are exploring the sustainability, inclusive business models, following international norms and standards, and voluntarily holding themselves accountable with respect to the financial and nonfinancial performance. By applying the survey, the exploration with respect to the views of the entrepreneurs regarding these aspects helps deduce the results.

The research choices are the fourth layer of the research onion. The research onion model reveals that the researcher has the choice of qualitative methods, quantitative methods, and/or both in a single research study. In this study, a mixed method is used with the use of survey and strategies of interview research. The findings of the survey will be helping to quantify the data, while the findings of the interview will be helping to express the data in a qualitative manner (Kumar, 2014).
Data Collection

The process of data collection can be pursued with the use of two methods. Saunders &Tosey (2013) suggests that research study data can be collected by either primary sources and/or secondary sources. There is more aestheticism and reliability with regards to the primary source of data collection as it is a product of the researcher. The secondary data, however, can be used with the help of the data and information expressed and collected by the others. The techniques used in the primary data collection include observation, focus groups, interviews and the surveys. The sources of the secondary data, on the other hand, include news articles, journal articles, books, industry reports, publications, archives, and financial statements.
In this research study, there will be application of two primary data collection methods of surveys and interviews. The interview will be conducted with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs turned business leaders.

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