One of the finer problems of the major inequality issue is gender inequality. Over past few decades however, women are playing crucial roles in the building up the nation in UK. Almost half of the employed population consists of women at 46.4%, thereby making substantial contribution to the growth f the country’s economy. The younger mothers with children under 5 years of age are at 28%, who effectively combine family responsibilities and work. UK has several women in the public as well as political areas. Head of several companies, Members of Parliament (MPs), councilors, chairs of public bodies, leaders and volunteers have women in place. This reflects drastic societal and demographic change in UK. In UK Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) group have atleast one in every ten women (Minocha, Holland, McNulty, Banks & Palmer, 2016).

Even though the picture for women in UK is changing rapidly, however, it would not be wise to become complacent or blind towards still existing gender inequality in the society and workplace. It immediate need is to treat women not merely as women but as an individual with goals and aspirations. They must be given fair and equal chances to meet the challenges of the world. It is important to eradicate violence against girls and women completely. The policy of providing equal pay for equal work for men and women has to me implemented in reality and at every level of work strata. The problem of gender inequality also leads to several other problem life domestic violence, crimes against women, etc. when the society would start treating the women as equal human being the country would go a long way in solving other related problems too (UK’s seventh periodic report, 2011).

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