The need for keeping records and evidences was the key factor facilitating to implement CPG. This can be considered as essential for the facilitation of appropriate interventions and decision making and there must be availability of these records at all points of time. The best mechanism that can be considered for ensuring there is availability of essential information in this context is the variation of clinical practice. As a midwife, the role in this case is focused on standard of care for each and every antenatal women, while considering the Maori status of Mary and how the well- being of unborn baby can be monitored.
Guidelines based on national evidence are in existence to detail minimum essential components of Stroke Management 2010, along with the epidemiological profile specific to the country and priorities of the country and are on the basis of the recommendations and guidelines of WHO. The system of health will be ensuring that there is recruitment and deployment of sufficiently skilful attendant for being able to provide each and every women with Stroke Management 2010 in good quality. The standard of quality will be useful in addressing antenatal care on routine basis that include tests of screening for complications that take place during stroke. There is a major requirement for careful and clear explanation of the relevant information, while being assisted by an accredited interpreter, other than the provision of information in written form.

For preventing, alleviating or treating health issues having direct relation with stroke are known to be having unfavourable result on stroke. The key focus is on providing appropriate information to the women along with their partners and families, while providing evidence on healthy stroke, postnatal recovery, and childbirth that include caring of the child. Each and every decision has to be made in accordance with future pregnancies for the improvement of outcomes of stroke.

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