温室效应是直接的结果。太阳能往往会产生大量的能量。可以看出,10千瓦的太阳能系统可能会产生57.5万千瓦时的电力。相比之下,类似数量的能源是由583000磅煤(Thompson 1981)产生的。






Some of the limitations associated with solar energy are that the whole procedure od setting up the plant of solar power is not very cheap; this is because of the kind of element used in the same.

Greenhouse effect is the immediate result. Solar energy tends to generate a lot of energy. It is seen that a 10-KW system of solar power might result in the generation of 575000 KW hours of electricity. In comparison, energy of similar quantity is produced by 583000 pounds of coal (Thompson 1981).

But, there have been companies which have started to produce solar panels which doesn’t require the expensive elements in the production. This has been possible because of the advancement in the technology and it is as effective as the previous technology.

A lot of money could be saved by using solar power. Using renewable source of energy would result in saving money as with the help of solar energy or other form of renewable energy, heating water would be very cheap as compared to other form of fuels like natural gas, propane or kerosene.

There are yet other forms of energy like wind energy, thermal energy and hydro energy which could be utilized on a large scale by firms and organizations to reduce their dependence on the traditional form of energy (Kawasaki 2004). This would result in saving the earth from the harmful impacts of pollution which is caused by using fossil fuels.

Hence, it might be very thoughtful to consider the fact that if we could save money by using renewable source of energy like solar energy then it is not efficient to use fossil fuels.