In the case of the Bell Scandal, secrecy, fear and intimidation was operating in the city halls of the southeast L.A. County operated. Politicians with unscrupulous intent had an advantage in this stem. The immigration fears of the people were used to intimidate the people. The immigrants do not have a legal status to vote in the nation and they use these tactics to control the people. The city hall members fear that the government will not reprieve their issues if they take a stand. The larger percentage in the towns of Cudahy, Bell, Maywood, Huntington Park and South Gate was made of immigrants.
The governmental authorities used their legal status to control the people. This led to a major scandal where the City Manager Robert Rizzo was allegedly paid $800,000 a year as salary compensation. Later it was revealed that he was paid more than 1.5 million in yearly remuneration (Thompson 230). This was a very high remuneration for a city official. This was a scandalous event that brought to the foray the different issues that are encountered by the people on a daily basis. The scandal had impacted the growth of the cities and caused detriment to all the stakeholders in the process (Van Prooijen and van Lange 18). The actual betrayal by the government, use of techniques and the ways in which the people responded to these issues are detailed below.
People in different geographical locations want to trust the government. The people are fundamentally looking for authoritative bodies that are transparent and fair (Thompson 8). The governing bodies also try to alleviate the fear of the people stating that they work for the people. In these dynamics, there is a cozy relationship that develops where the people hope that their fears are alleviated and feel that their basic needs would be met by the government (Thompson 10).
The issue that arises is that in certain cases, there are some actors who work against the fundamental fairness of the people. A system is created where the actual actions of the people are nebulous. The governmental authorities use the people in order to make them succumb to their greed. There is a myth that the government creates to meet these demands of the people.
In this analysis, the case study of the Bell Scandal event will be used to probe into the notions of the myth of government.

People expected to be served from the government. Once this is met, there is a more cohesive society. In the cases where it is not possible, there will be the leading to chaos in the society. The people are found to face a system that is against their interest. These cause the people in the communities to worsen their quality of life. They are not allowed to grow. This stifling of the growth of the people causes certain level of backlash (Bartlett 71). In this system where there is not enough meeting of the issue, there is chaos in the society. The people use the tool of voting to address these concerns of the people. With respect to daily financial affairs, it was provided by the charter than any unnamed city employee should be compiling a monthly based statement for all disbursements. This should be done under the provision of city council.
The Bell charter should not be having a mechanism of enforcement established within it. However, it is power of City Council for enforcing all ordinances of Bell and the code of Bell. The City Council may consider issuing subpoenas while compelling to produce evidences and the witnessed testimony within the oath. However, in practical terms, it seems that no role was played by the City Council to enforce potential ethic breaches or investigate corruption or fraud.

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