In experimental approach, the HR managers try innovative ventures to bridge the culture gap. These efforts should be organized throughout the running of the organizations. There is a combination of motivation practices in different facets of the organizations. This is a more dynamic and agile approach. “Learn By Doing” approach is found to be practices in this method. Expatriate by leaving their home countries feel lost in new geographical location. It has found to affect even the best employees; in such cases these trainings would provide individual personnel with more comfort. HR managers and analyst within the company analyze the nuances of the requirements and formulate plan. Simulation and role-playing is found to be an integral part of this approach (Ko, and Yang, 2011). In this approach, there is more autonomy given to the individual HR managers.
Language training is provided for the expatriates. The companies should provide training in basic dialects of Chinese languages such as Mandarin and Catonese. There can be different levels of training modules that should be offered for the expatriates during their initial tenure. They should also be guided toward external language training programs if they want to pursue their language learning process. Chinese employees should also be taught English or Spanish to solve the issue of culture gap. This would resolve the issue of language barriers and allow better effective communication. It has been observed that this allows expatriate to adjust to their new environmental situation at a better rate. They have basic understanding of the language and nuances of the culture (Ko, and Yang, 2011). This helps the expatriate survive within the company and outside premises as well.
Feedback should be collected from the expatriate at regular intervals about how they feel about the particular work environment (Geare, Edgar and McAndrew, 2006). Any issues that can be rectified should be done so immediately.
The individual HR managers based on these facets develop localized training plans. Technical training that is provided to the personnel is found based on the requirements of the job (Geare, Edgar and McAndrew, 2006). Culture training is found to be of similar pattern within the company. HR managers operating within China can develop and formulate their own plan based on the roster developed.

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