Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is a multinational hospitality business based in Hong Kong. Found in the year 1971 by Robert Kuok, the company is operating 99 resorts and hotels with more than 38,000 rooms in Australia, North America, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Shangri-La is operating across various market segments with five brands that include Hotel Jen, Kerry Hotels, Traders Hotels, Shangri-La Resorts and Shangri-La Hotels (Shangri-La, 2012a). Among these chains, there are five star luxury lodgings located in the markets of Europe, Oceania, Canada, Middle East and Asia. It is among the most reputable and premier resorts and hotels operators, with the consistency of good reviews and feedback all across the globe.
The brand of Shangri-La Hotel includes five star luxury hotels targeting premier markets across Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia (Shangri-La, 2017). The key expectations from Shangri-La are characterized by the statement “Treating a stranger as their own”. The brand is known to satisfy discerning travelers with the best service across tranquil regions, in combination with inspirational design and architecture. The finest experiences of dining at all resorts and hotels ensure the pampering of all palates. All of the stays are absolutely memorable with rarity and exquisiteness.

The biggest challenge faced by the industry is the conservatism. Some hotels are showing willingness in pushing their limits with respect to systems that are used, while providing less innovative motivation to system vendors. There is a need for a new set of skills in managers, accustomed to make decisions on the basis of data instead of intuition for pushing forward the agenda of hotel technology (Legrand et al., 2016). In the current scenario, many primary tools of technology have been incorporated by international hotel brands such as systems for channel management, property management, customer relationship management, and revenue management. There are further systems focusing on customer and data.
Shangri-La is making significant investment in technology and the future scenario of content travelling. This is the key reason to embrace virtual reality across the entire scale. Virtual Reality is a revolutionary new tool of sales (Dev et al., 2010). There has been an evolution of technology so that there is portability, lightness and affordability. Shangri-La started the development of videos based on virtual reality with Shangri-La excursions and hotels, and Brand Karma in Shanghai. The production of video is accelerating provided with positive feedback for rolling up headsets from 17 global sales officers of the Group. The brand is focused on employing innovative technology in a manner that is sensible and beneficial for customers and trade partners.
2020 Global and Brand Overview
The path of global hotel industry by the year 2020 stills lacks certainty. There is a need for preparing for a number of future scenarios. This implicated the establishment of staff, managers and leaders with curiosity, willingness of decision making with inappropriate information, capability of scenario thinking, and uncertainty tolerance (Chen & Shen, 2012). Their intention remains expectation because of higher stage on personalization of the standard experience or the procedure concerning sale. The hotels, along with Shangri-La Hotel intention, require the capability about maintaining upon along then matching the expectations concerning customers. Middleware desire stand in concrete terms with the disparate systems, consequently boosting in-depth evaluation related to overall data (Shangri-La, 2012b). The overall usage is in concern with machine-based-learning and artificial intelligence building a move across predictive analytics. There is crucial appreciation in the development on integrated unaccompanied view in regard to the guest permitting the identification of customer interaction point, sale point, and assignment channel. This will stay crucial because of daily operations, visitor experience, and marketing (Shangri-La, 2017).

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