Air pollutants production is reduced when enhanced fuel control methods are implemented. By finding proper ways to convert burning coal to burning heavy oil or gas, type of fuel being used is improved, and by implementing ways to choose better quality fuel within the same type of fuel, for example, converting from high sulfur content to low sulfur content, the quality is further enhanced.

It is a fact that industries play considerable roles in the deterioration of the ecology, but they are extremely important for a country’s overall economic development, and the losses that they produce are more than made up by the social growth that they generate. So industries are a major contributor towards a nation’s development, and preservation of nature thus requires other methods of implementations. Also, internal pollution controllers and management sometimes cannot be applied at various industries because they are small scale or they are placed at crowded areas and lack required space. So in some cases it is better if finding a way of improving the source itself can be derived.

Usage of gaseous fuels like LPG and natural gases has a lot of positive effects. They do not create sulfur oxides or soot because of absence of sulfur in them. They do not have Nitrogen and thus don’t create Fuel NOx, also they burn with requirement of little excess air. Liquid fuels like heavy oil may create soot, though never as much as coal does. Heavy oils having low sulfur, made by desulfurization of heavy oils, produce thereby very few sulfur oxides. Nitrogen oxides too are diminished in amount because of undergoing the process of desulfurization, as the process performs simultaneous denitrification.