It is almost clear to see the income inequality present between manufacturing workers and those who are from other industry. As developing countries always tend to have a large population base which is strength, this also is the reason that other countries outsource jobs to them. But labor force might be the easiest source to find in such countries. Therefore, they tend to get an unequal treat or even lower than their job expectation in order to get the opportunity. The similar opinion has been proved through a multiple of sources such as by Pavcnik (2011) who have discussed the relationship between globalization and inequality. She believed that work inequality has increased in several dimensions since the 1980s in developing countries with the trend of internationalizing and globalizing (Pavcnik, 2011). Furthermore, the researchers also revealed that the growth of low-paid manufacturing outsourcing jobs might have encouraged the growth of informal jobs and lower labor market standards (United States of America, 2016). The informal jobs generated from globalization may not comply with labor market regulations such as minimum wage or minimum working age, and may associate with worse working conditions (Goldberg and Pavcnik, 2007). Such perishing condition of factories cannot provide healthy and vigorous working environment for workers who may eventually develop serious health concern if they work for a longer period of time in such a deteriorating environment (Scott and Kimball, 2014). Although it benefited the economy and personal development, negative effects brought by international outsourcing are troubling both workers and their countries.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that outsourcing has brought enormous benefits to developing countries’ economy in general. On the contrary, the workers are also bearing problems caused by international outsourcing.

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When Art Nouveau spread around the world, it also paved its way into the art culture of England. England was known for various styles and designs of arts and numerous artist of varying scale who were working on innovative and emerging art styles and designs. In this boom of art in England, Art Nouveau appeared vibrantly. There are various models of different forms of arts which were created, collected and marketed in England. There is a famous building of Art Nouveau architecture in Glasgow, England. It is the famous Glasgow School of Art. This building was designed by Mackintosh based on his inspiration of Art Nouveau (Amaya, 1966). This building is among the great buildings of Glasgow as well as England which has Art Nouveau style architecture and motifs. This building has been an attraction for tourists who visit Glasgow. There are many art models of Art Nouveau in England including samples of architectures, jewellery, glassware, object illustrations and numerous other works inspired by Art Nouveau. Some of the major art collections of Art Nouveau are discussed in this essay to elaborate the marketing and inspirations of Art Nouveau in England.

Pugin and Ruskin were the English artists of that time. They were united with each other at the idea of how the architecture of England should be, but still they could not stand with each other due to personal glitches. One of them was Catholic Christian (Pugin) while other was Protestant (Ruskin). Pugin is known to develop an architecture which regarded and incorporated the perks of the place where it was built. His architectural piece contained Gothic efficiency and Gothic Englishness (Amaya, 1966). Similarly, Ruskin also pursued the efficiency, truthfulness and essence of the place in architecture. He emphasized on these characteristics even more than Pugin. According to Ruskin, if the plot or plane is not symmetrical, it should not be hide or deliberately made symmetrical, rather beautification and enhancement of its features and dissymmetry, creating it and its surroundings as artistic composition (Eisenman, 1994). This idea of Ruskin is inspired from neoclassicism.

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个人陈述代写-流行音乐的限制,世界各地都经历过对音乐和音乐家的限制,尤其是流行音乐。而流行音乐作曲家关注的是人类情感和存在方面最敏感的主题。虽然流行音乐是人们的脉搏跳动,但是限制它的尝试实际上导致了人们感情的消失。构成流行音乐曲目的丰富的情商经常遭到当权者的无情攻击。持续的冲突有在任何时候升级为战争的基本要素(Gammond, 67岁)。有许多流行音乐作曲家的作品被无情地对待。许多时候,这些作曲家们名誉扫地,他们的音乐被官方拒绝。然而许多作曲家勇敢地坚持下去。流行音乐的特殊地位使它有了自己的位置。这种由流行音乐引起的风头是当局所不能容忍的,接下来有关个人陈述代写-流行音乐的限制内容分享给留学生们阅读。

There have been several negative aspects as well pertaining to the popularization of music. One of them was that such music was often banned by the authorities who perceived it as a threat. People were not allowed to listen to such music as it was considered provocative and incendiary. It was increasingly apparent that music could not have gotten away scot free after provoking the powers. There have been several instances of musicians and singers who were severely penalized for their so called ‘merry making’. They were ruthlessly accused of virtually laughing at the system and the administrators. The fearlessness of music in the face of oppressive powers was to cost the world of popular music very dearly. Popular music has had to pay a heavy toll over the years in terms of untimely passing on of musicians and music makers as well the loss of some historical pieces of music to posterity due to ransacking and ravaging of the musicians premises in a bid to destroy him or her and their music (Manuel, 78). Many a time, musicians were killed or were subjected to such perils that they succumbed to their impoverished conditions. Many died in object poverty while others became victims of drugs, alcohol and finally died an ignominious death.

Restrictions on music and musicians have been experienced all over the world. This has been especially in the case of popular music. While the composers of popular music focused on subjects of the greatest sensitivity in term of human emotions and existence. While popular music was the pulse beat of the people, the attempts to restrict it virtually led to the dying away of the people’s feelings. The rich emotional quotient that formed the repertoire of popular music compositions was most often attacked very ruthlessly by the powers. The ongoing conflict had the rudimentary elements of rising into a battle at any time (Gammond, 67). There were a number of composers of popular music whose compositions had been treated ruthlessly. Many a time, the composers were disgraced and their music rejected officially. Yet many composers carried on bravely. The particular niche of popular music gave it a place of its own. This limelight attained by popular music could not be tolerated by the authorities. The authorities in this case comprised the government, the legislative and judiciary bodies of the region or even the opinion leaders who lived within the society and attempted to dictate the terms of conduct. It was usually against such authorities that the anger and subsequent creativity of the composers of popular music was directed (Middleton, 136). Many a time, the musicians have been hunted and totally destroyed by the vicious powers that be. But there have also been survivors like Michael Jackson who have come through several waves of criticism as well his brilliance as reflected in his work. There have, sadly enough, been a large number who were gradually broken down and totally destroyed by the sustained attacks of the oppressive media forces. It is interesting to note that no matter what the end of the composer or the musician, their work went on to live long after them.

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